Wool Dryer Balls

Ever wondered what is all the rave about using Wool Dryer Balls? If you are one who is frugal, eco-friendly, zero waste and living a toxic free life, then these are a total win!

I displayed my very used wool dryer balls to display how fantastic they have held up. I purchased these on April 2017, they have held up quite well! These were purchased these Wool Dry Balls (Amazon Affiliate Link) on Amazon.

Toxic Chemicals

How To Add Scent To Dryer Balls

Some people miss the smell that the dryer sheets produce. I know I did, so I found a more natural and safer way. A simple solution is adding a couple of drops of essential oil of your choice to get that wonderful clean, fresh or floral smell without the toxic chemicals. I typically use Lavender Essential Oil. Its my absolute favorite smell for my laundry. There are endless brands out their to choose from, so that’s totally up to you. My favorite brand is Young Living.

Young Living Lavender Essential Oil

My personal reasons for choosing Young Living:

There are so many more to list good reasons to chose Young Living. However you can take a look on Young Livings Member Benefits if you’d like to learn more about the benefits.

Wool Dryer Balls

I love that these come in a reusable bag to store them and they have easy quick instructions on how to use them in both English & Spanish.

Reasons Why I Chose To Convert To Dryer Balls:

I was able to benefit from all these amazing reasons listed. Once I stopped buying dryer sheets, as a result I was able to cut cost and in turn helped save my family money. Money that could be used to invest in other home safer products.

Happy Drying! 😉